3rd World Childrens’ Happiness

7 October, 2004 at 18:19 Leave a comment

Many people who have been to 3rd World countries (this includes a few of the people I know personally) always say that they have seen much poverty. True. Also that they have seen the most innocent children. Ignorance is bliss. And that they are amazed by the look of sheer happiness and pleasure on the faces of some of the street children (they photograph and bring these photographs home almost always) inspite of the fact that these street children are hungry, sick, poor, malnutritioned, homeless et al.

The reason dear friend could be that smiling takes far less energy than any other human emotion. It is not the childrens’ minds but their bodies dictating terms and trying to minimize energy loss which as you know very well is a scarce resource for these children. It is a bodily reaction to poverty-ridden environmental conditions. A simple equation of survival…

Of course if you are in Mumbai, you can find street children who can ‘pose’ for you by taking money. They are pretty good at such things and can give some great emotions (like sleeping in the middle of a busy local train arrival getting trampled, begging people on scooters while they are shooed away). All these photos are perhaps worthy enough to be captured and to be adorned in your photo-album and if you are clever enough, as a source of great revenue through an exhibition in Edinburgh! Plus, you become a favourite with oh-so-sensitive ladies who are so interested in your adventures in such a mystical, wonderful places…


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