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29 September, 2004 at 11:06 1 comment

On Monday 27th September, Alex, Bobby and Me got together and planned some films that could be done. We managed to film “Johnny D”. The seed is that there is a party-by-invitation going on in a high profile club. Ob, there is a bouncer at the door. To just get a feel of things, a person comes along and the bouncer allows her in. Out of the queue, a guy enters and the bouncer has a look at him and does not allow the guy in. When the guy is going away, a couple of girls identify him as a celebrity “Look, its Johnny D” and take his autograph going gaga over him. After this, they proceed to go into the party and ask an innocent question “Aren’t you coming in?”. The guy has a look at the bouncer who immediately changes his stance and allows the “celebrity” in. After the credits roll, we show this guy having drinks inside the bar having a laugh with the girls. “Johnny D?”. Well, pictures are worth a 1000 words they say and the storyboards (as beheld in our eyes) are below plus dialogues.

The people involved in the shooting were Hazel(camera#1), Alex(camera#2), Bobby(bouncer), Michael(celebrity), Christine(girl#3), Steph(girl#1), Eddie(girl#2), Srikant(cue-guy). We shot the film in the patio of Alex-Bobby’s flat. I hope it came out well. Also thanks to whichever pub in Ashton lane lent us the parrier tapes things…

Storyboard by Bobby –

Doodles by Srikant and some people/location info –

Dialogue for Bouncer –

Dialogue for Celebrity and ending scene –

Dialogue for Girls –

Well, we had to do some improv while filming but that is expected. The actors lived in their characters, so much so that I am tempted to put the autographs that Michael put but I’ll let it pass. It is all over to editing now…

The tapes (we used two cameras a bunch of angles of the same scene by replaying it) are in the GUST office in John McIntyre building (first floor, turn right). We have Ed who, apropos uncannily, is the ‘ed’itor. And Eilidh, a music student. Work your magic fellas. We filmed in the rain and it was windy and so we might need a little bit of dubbing too. I hope G can help us here. One could join along to watch the footage. Ed said he would go on Friday. Or go whenever you are free. If the door is locked, tell the buzzee that you are Hazel/Simon’s friends and they’ll let you in. The tapes are in the “Music Editor” desk. Anyone in that office should be able to tell you how to watch the footage. GUSTees are quite helpful and the office is pretty much open most of the time as there is someone always there. If any of you are unsure, contact me, Ed, Michael, Hazel or any GUSTee you know…

Well, that is about “Johnny D”. Yay!


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  • 1. Anonymous  |  29 September, 2004 at 14:58

    Srikant –
    1) I guess that locations are quite important. While doing make-shift things (like a patio) are very convenient, we should explore possibilities of filming on actual locations (like the Vodka-Vodka pub) or something or Hunterian Art Gallery or wherever the ambience suits us. I know that it could be a pain and a hassle but there is nothing wrong in trying.
    Okkasari try chesthene kadha thelisedhi panichesthundho ledho ani…
    2) Secondly, just displaying that one can post anonymously to our posts. Also notice the previous post is the email I sent earlier to you guys which was also sent to the Blogger address I mentioned. I will remove that post as soon as you get the point. I get enough spam as it is and do not want to make this email address so public…



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