On Friends – Birthdays + Parties

3 September, 2004 at 03:23 Leave a comment

Here are my 2-paise worth on Birthdays or why I think Birthdays are good things but not essentially the Parties that piggyback along with them. And a note on what one should do on Birthdays. Duh… give gifts 🙂

Although most people would say that they do not like Birthday Parties for many reasons like pressure of being nice (which is a lot of pressure), consumerism, materialism etc. I can never stop myself to give gifts to my friends if I know it is their Birthday. And I am not sorry. I tend to think that one is referring to not liking the ‘parties’ part in Birthday Parties. I can understand that because Parties are just a pretext for us to indulge ourselves in –

“Yeah, I am drunk and high on pot and shot him, so what? It is your Birthday. Enjoy! Party!”
Parties could be tricky enough to be judgmental but I think (and hope to convince) that Birthdays are wonderful things to have and everyone should feel special on that day. Not only for the person who is in the center-of-attention to contemplate, to stop-a-while, admire and look around at how fast time flies, how f* short life is and how much beauty there is to life all around, but perhaps, more importantly for us friends to grab the opportunity to thank fate of how fortunate we are to have that person as a friend and amidst us. And even their family to thank God for having gifted them with this person. Think about the serendipitious odds of having a friend circle as we have now or even being born in the first place (still thinking?)…
Anyway, whatever gift a nacheez gareeb like me can give is just something I have to give to just tell my friends how much they mean to me. This is the only way I can afford to tell them in an appropriate context that although, they did not teach me any profound lessons in life (maybe they did), but just by being there, they have affected it in ways that we would perhaps never comprehend fully but still I know that each of them have somehow enriched it and made it more interesting, wonderful and colourful. And even if I am not around anymore and do not figure in their many many more happy moments to come, I hope all of them celebrate 100’s of birthdays and all of us stay friends for long. Happy Birthday Friends!
I hope now you will all get me tons of gifts for my Birthday! 😉


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