Colours, Elements and Ideas Stolen

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Was reading the review of Jet Li’s latest film “Hero” the other day and got to know that it used different _colors_ to get the point across. Bugger, another of my idea stolen! I really wanted to do a film where colour played a predominant role. You can ask Rob Dummond for that. I was writing this thing of how Red can be used for anger, Blue for cool, Green for jealousy, Yellow for sunny, Orange for lust etc. Hmmm… but I also think such things must have been attempted before in some art films. Anyway, I should watch that movie someday (with CE perhaps). I seriously think there should be some way or some place (like a vault) where you can write your ideas and these should have universally acceptable timestamps or something like that. There should be some way to be able to prove that you came first with that pofound thought. Have to work on this…

This is not the first time that such a thing happened. The tamil film “Rhythm” used _elements_ in its songs which was again another of my idea I was dabbling in. It was Senthil who told me about that. Oh well, I wanted to weave together a story of showing how the 5 elements can both support and destroy life. It was a very poetic sript as far as I could write and remember. Each of the story is set in place where the characters were at the mercy of each element in a good/bad way. One story was that of a young kid, who is adopted by a fishing family in Norway. He comes from Cuba and this is the first time he ever sees so much water and he is fascinated by it all. It is everything he ever remembers of when the good happy days for him started. This is how it starts –
I see an ocean, a blue ocean, a really blue ocean
An ocean so big, it strikes me dumb and makes me feel infinitely small
With waves so fierce, they strike me deaf
…and I wish I could be that powerful and all
It is an ocean I now clearly see, A really blue ocean that is blue beyond reason
… that is blue beyond comprehension
Bluer than can possibly exist
Bluer than my mind can possibly grasp
Bluer than the bluest hue of the blue
Bluer so much that it makes my heart rue

And we follow the life that this family leads and also the racial tension in the small village because this boy is black. In one incident, the local merchant refuses to buy fish from this family but all ends well there again because the ocean plays a role. For the family, the boat-house is heaven and water provides them everything. I really did not know how to end this story (should stories end? life does not have
“closures” and so, why should stories?) and so also how to end this post (same logic) and so I will leave it open for now…


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