On Olympics (Part-2)

30 August, 2004 at 12:40 Leave a comment

Now that the Olympics are finished, I had a stroll in a shop seeing the headlines of newspapers. It was as always a bit amusingly shocking. I happened to ask a pal of mine (she is from ‘Great’ Britain) to name atleast 5 people from UK who won medals at the Olympics and as always my instinct that people cannot name them but only name those people who are hyped about in the media has proven to true. The names that immediately come to mind are Kelly Holmes and Aamir Khan. Now, there is nothing wrong with these two people except that they’re bad role-models in the first place. The only people who can really benefit from them are bank-robbers and lane-fighters. A conversation between a policeman and a violent person after a fight –
“So, you attacked this person, eh?”
“Yeah. I was just practicing my boxing you know and I kicked the shit out of that lad. Aamir Khan is my hero”
“And why did you run away when we asked you to stop?”
“Yeah. I was just practicing my running you know and I kicked the shit out of you, aint it? Kelly Holmes inspires me”

(applause) Thank you. Thank you (bows). You’ve been a great audience so far.
But I do not understand the media attention these two people are getting. Or rather why the other of the 30 medal winners are in the dark? What is the media here upto? It is absolutely bollocks. It is just so cruel to be hyping a bunch of athletes for no apparent reason. All the medal winners and non-medal winners should be treated equally. And this applies to all sportspeople in India as well who have combinedly won just one medal. Each of them have a story to tell. And putting two people over others for whatever reason applying the Animal Farm principle “all animals are equal but some are more equal than others” is not acceptable to me. This kind of bias and hype is not limited to Olympics alone. This happens everywhere. You know, people here are crazy about football. But they cannot name “their” full team. Only a few individuals. Even in India, this is the case. If you ask my Mom, who she knows in the cricket team, she will only say Kapil Dev or Sachin Tendulkar. One might wonder how this could be? It is all but subtle media conditioning in all forms.
Anyway, coming back to UK, yet another person who has been hyped beyond my understanding is Paula Rad-something. Who is she? A runner who lost her way in a marathon and gave up in a 10000 metre race. Oh boy, and the amount of commentary she got on BBC is probably a waste of millions of pounds (every second on TV costs a lot da). It is OK to feel sorry for her but to be obsessed with failure and whine about it so much is simply non-fitting. The Americans and Australians attribute such silliness to UK people and the media is making us all live up to this notoriety. I am sure this must have upset a lot of people in this country. That is no bother but it must have upset the sportspeople in the GB team. Well, I can argue out of this because if a medal win can fire up and inspire the team to do better then why not such senseless ramblings about one person? MY sympathies are with her but the media simply fails to move on. I wonder why? It is not as if she is a world champion like El Harouj (that Moroccon guy) who has failed to get some round piece of metal with 5 zeros on it (read Olympic medal) by sheer bad luck and hence a sentimental favourite. She is simply one of the many athletes in the world and in team GB. If she won, great. If she lost, big deal. Get on with it – why have crazy stupid interviews and see her cry and all that? I bet that when she said that “I am so sorry to disappoint so many people back home (sob, wheee, sob)”, she really meant the sponsors and not you or me my precious. I know I am cruel here and affecting the sensibilites of many people. This Paula may be a great sporting legend but I hardly care about her than any other. Why should I? In fact, I am sad about other people who have nothing to do with me but as a human I feel for them. Imagine the plight of the Russian who the Canadian took out of the 110m womens hurdles. Now that is sadness. This Russian trains all her life to have a shot at Olympic glory and what happens? A fellow sprinter falls and pushes her out of the race for no fault of either. No one bothers about the Russian. Poor girl. And the media seems to be obsessed with someone who gave up. I am sure Paula will bounce back and if she is a champion, come out and ask the media to stop making a fuss about all this.
Anyway, it has been a good Olympics but nothing really special. I witnessed the European championships the other time and the Commonwealth games too. They are all the same. Running, jumping, fighting, throwing, lifting… All of this goes in circles. Gets pretty boring for me to watch. Hmmm… What else about the Olympics? Well, there are many things but I would like to end here for now. Just adding that I have now decided to use search as a means of navigation to my Blogs. I am giving all titles in the other Blogs certain headings starting with say, “Arts:” for all my posts on Arts. That should make things easier to post (by email) rather than copy-paste posts which belong to more than one Blog. See you guys later…


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