USB Drive Problem and Solution

29 August, 2004 at 04:09 Leave a comment

Just fixed a problem with USB drives which instead of getting recognized as an automatic storage label, does not show up at all. If I invoke the “Safely Remove Hardware” dialog, the USB device shows up as a mass storage device and clicking on the USB device icon, shows a tree with the device, disk drive below that, and something like “mounted on generic volume” or “generic device”. There was no way I could see of how I could map a drive to this USB device.
What I realized was that the problem has to do with mapping of drive-letters. If we have used the USB drive before, then it is normally assigned a drive – say, H: – but however later on, if H: is occupied because you installed a CD/DVD-Drive or mapped a network share, future inserts of the USB drive display the problem identified.
What I did was disconnect the H: and mapped it to something else. Now, the USB drive is working properly. It has somehow got locked to the H: (or whichever drive it hacked on its insertion)…

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