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Just about finished filming/editing “Most Important Words” survey. Boy! it is some hard work. The editing part especially. Thanks to Murdo, Alex and especially to Simon for being so patient and mentory and writing the credits and putting the music. I will put this film on the web somewhere but I hope Nokia will do it for us ;-). If any of you happen to see it, please vote for us at this Nokia site when it is up with the 2004 shortlist.
I really wanted to do many other films but could not get around to do them. Somehow, scheduling and getting people together here is great challenge/hindrance in this non-campus University of Glasgow and my skin color and introvertedness does not really help either when I have to talk to people about locations and permissions. But there are some people on the team who are specialists in this. I feel sad that I am unable to channel the enthu (short for enthusiasm) of wonderful beautiful people here into something more creative and concrete inspite of some excellent facilities/suites. I hope we get to do Cancer-Tales-2 inspite of the fact that I have not heard from the team and/or from Lynne (the NHS person) for a long time now. Stuart and Claire(s) said that they had some interviews lined up. Good luck to them. Whatever it is, it is great that the inertia has been broken and I hope that in the next term we will get to do films once every weekend or so if I am around (and importantly, if I am not around).
Anyway, things were much easier in REC/NIT-Warangal and of course in IIT-Madras (which is a campus in the middle of the Guindy national park!). All you had to do was think of an idea, barge in your mates’ rooms and drag them out and just do things (I was dragged as well into many things I only have a vague excitory memory). No planning. Everything was done spontaneously. Dialogue was written with interaction and role-playing. Sketchboards were drawn using stick figures on sand, on walls, on hands, on t-shirts… (yeah, we tried not to use paper and this was the zenith). We actually had small-scale clay models of the scenes just like a detective investigation of a mysterious crime. Little did we know that all our hara-kiri would help us get jobs and promotions in life. Good stuff. If any of you happen to visit and dig up REC/NIT-Warangal after 2000 years, and happen to see some cave-man kind of paintings, you now know what you are seeing! Too bad if you happen to be an archaeologist because we must have broken some theory of “natives” 😉 and the Tomb-Raiderish or Indiana Jonish secret of “The Mysterious Stick Figures on Walls of REC-Warangal”). Tuk tuk…
Coming back, everything was done in the mind. The speed, the excitement and the thrashing of ideas was breathtaking. That is what happens when you have non-arts students doing art. In my opinion that is how anything should be done. Seriously, do ants plan when they build such complex nests? Do they even know they are achieving such engineering marvels while humans above them are bickering about a parliament building? In my opinion, students should not be professional or even try to be. Let the creativity and energy flow and ebb. This is one stage in our life where we can do whatever we want and get away with it in the name of amateur/creative license. When we turn professional we can get away with something called artistic license which is much different I suppose. We have our entire lives to live in that I-should-be-Professional myth after we finish University. Anyway, I am real glad that we could get around to do something and we can only hope it finishes up on the shortlist and we get our “15 Seconds of Frame” (that is Nokia’s caption for the contest).

Here is the team I could compile –

1) Marloos (from Holland)
2) Suemas (from Scotland)
3) Claire Main (from Scotland)
4) Claire Hamilton (from Scotland)
5) Murdo (from Scotland)
6) Alex (from Germany/USA)
7) Simon (from England)
8) Steph (from England)
9) Roxanne (to contact)
10) James (from England)
11) Bobby (from Scotland)
12) Hazel King (from Scotland)
13) Yours Truly (from India/Earth)

Here are the ideas we could gather. Anyone is free to do them later on a Creative-Commons license but just lemme know –

1) What is your Favourite Word? (road survey)
2) Director/Editor conflict for jamming 15 seconds (Monty Python’isque recursive film)
3) Celebrity + Bouncer (social satire)
4) Art Appreciation (superficiality satire)
5) Phone Conversations (on vanities)
– A dramatic phone scene – serious argument going on here – Parande comes and swtiches off MUTE (now we can hear) – “I still cannot believe that you went shopping without telling me. I cannot forgive you” (or some trivial reason – can be made into a series or cartoon strip perhaps)
6) Contrasting Worlds (social analogy)
7) Relationships (observational satire)
– A couple sleep. Husband and Wife say “I love you” and a romantic repartee to each other. And sleep on their sides of the bed with their backs facing/reading their own novels…
– A breakup – “I do not think we should see each other anymore” – OK. Cool, no probs. I will get somebody else. Good luck to you too. (whistles) Ta da da…
– Hey man, how you doing? “Well, I just broke up. My flat caught fire. I have no place to stay…” – Hey hey, I just asked… I did not really want to know dude…

Once again, thank you all. I will try to muscle out a few of the above (as one can see it really does not take too many resources) and keep you guys in the loop. And for fun, here is the “Art Appreciation” seed-script. Enjoy!
Art Appreciation
– created, written and performed by the Glasgow Creative Commons

* Two guys discuss a painting –
“Interesting one this. There is no method I can identify with”
“The trouble with this is that it’s too slick. Too arty. The making of superior art is arduous. It does not reflect the hard-work”
“Hmmm… under Modernism the appreciation, even more than the making of it, has become more taxing”
“The essence of Modernism lies, as I see it, in the use of characteristic methods. Like this pastel he used. And the thickness of the brushstroke here signifying anger and conflict within…”
* Curator/Shopkeeper comes – realizes that the painting is upside down – excuses herself – sets it right – goes away
* Guys exchange looks. But still they don’t give up! (the hard-hitting part)
“You like it, that’s all, whether it’s a landscape or abstract. You like it. It hits you. The work of art-sculpture or painting-forces your eye…”
“True very true. It is only when you’re young you can’t see art, you’re interested in the story”

And here is Alex’s quick story-board for this sketch –
Alex's quick Art Appreciation story-board


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