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20 August, 2004 at 13:26 Leave a comment

Just started the WebXP Project – WebXP Project
The purpose of the WebXP Project is here – WebXP Project Purpose and FAQ
A snippet – ..This is a community Blog. The purpose of this Blog is to collect the experiences that one has had while using the web and would want to share with the web community brethren. Right now all our experiences are locked up in our brains, heart and brain. Time to get them out. The Blog has the same mission as the Archive project but here we would like capture and store the experiences of people. I am sure many of us have a story to tell of their web experiences which could titillate, amuse, scare, inspire etc. us. To cut the long story short, if you want to say something that has anything to do with your experience with the web, just post it by sending an email to – the Subject of your email will become the title of the post and the Body of the email becomes the actual post…
I have a strange feeling that I may be re-inventing the wheel and when I have time, I will see if there are similar efforts. Anyway, I hope this will catch on quite soon 🙂


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Purpose and FAQ JendX Maintainence Release

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