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Welcome to the WebXP Project! The title and description should be enough to tell you what this is about. But if you need more convincing, please go through the little FAQ.

Q: What is the purpose of this Blog?

This is a community Blog or a Clog. The purpose is to collect the “experiences” that one has had while using the web and would want to share with the web community brethren. Right now all our experiences are locked up in our brains, heart and brain. Time to get them out. The Blog has the same mission as the Archive project but here we would like capture and store the experiences of people. I am sure many of us have a story to tell of their web experiences which could titillate, amuse, scare, inspire etc. us. To cut the long story short, if you want to say something that has anything to do with your experience with the web, just post it by sending an email to sriks6711.webxp _a_ blogger.com – the Subject of your email will become the title of the post and the Body of the email becomes the actual post.

Q: What can be posted?

Anything. Just about anything as long as it has to do something with your experience of the web. It could be a story where you stumbled upon this great site which changed your life because you met somebody there or read something there. It could be about your stories of living with the web for quite sometime. How it affects you. How the world would be if you were cut off from the web. How you manage things through FTP or tools and your experiences with them. Just about anything. Be short, be long, be satirical, be critical, be hysterical. Whatever it is, if you think it is something that others would have fun reading, just post it. Language is no barrier. Grammar is no barrier. Genre is no barrier. Just post it!(tm)

Q: Guidelines/Privacy/Security etc.?

I do not believe in any kind of structure or hierarchy. The only guideline is that please refrain from sending any advertising stuff to the post. Also, please do not spam us just because the email address is so open. It was done so that some users may just click on it and start posting.

Privacy – No email address of yours is collected. You may choose not to sign with your name

Security – What for? We are not selling anything or even asking for donations (ummm… not yet, atleast)

Q: And Other Things?

You can subscribe to the RSS feed if you want to. Here is the link –


I hope we can all make it into the most interesting RSS Feed ever. Also, if any of you know any similar projects, please let me know so that we can Blogroll our peers.

Q: Why am I doing this?

No more than reason. I am just a curious person as all of you. I’ve made friends, have discovered myself and had many experiences of using the web for the last 4 years and I am just a light user. It only made me wonder that if I have such a rich experience of the web, then the 750million+ web-community should have would be phenomenon. It could be a social collective. An archive of sorts that captures the experience of humanity with wonderful piece of technology as a whole (and other heavy stuff here Doc). I wonder what experiences of people would be the the wheel or sliced bread ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, it would be a nice experiment to do which could perhaps help researchers (like me and others) improve the web in some way.
Actually, thanks to Blogger, I really do not have to do anything at all. Anyone can post to this Blog by sending an email to sriks6711.webxp _a_ blogger.com and so this is not a great commitment in time or effort.

Q: Who am I?

I am an earthling. I am a human. A decent one. A simple one. That is that is there to know. In fact, I do not intend to be the sole administrator or moderator of this site. I just want to live here. If anyone else wants to be the administrator, just make a post requesting so and I will make you the administrator. The final straw. I am here –

Srikant’s Life


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