JendX Maintainence Release

20 August, 2004 at 22:29 Leave a comment

A maintainence release (fluxxy) of JendX can now be found at
Help is available by executing “java -jar JendX-sriks.jar help” and by visiting the project page at the uber cool Sourceforge website.
Will upload this version on the main JendX site as well… I seem to have lost the password to the CVS. Have to sort this out with Sam (the other lone warrior on the JendX charter)

Refer to the README (if there is one) for more details and changes –

1) One can index text and html files without any OS dependencies
2) Preview the files in one simple UI
3) Search for in a new “name:” field which contains tokenized, stripped document paths much like slocate (without the regex’es)
4) Also included in the zip is Luke with which one can diagnose/explore the indexes created
5) Fixed some simple typos, made the Query default to AND (just like Google)
6) Other things too trivial/obvious to be mentioned here…

I would suggest that you look at the code to see how simple it is to add document filters for any mime-type one may wish to add. We need elegant filters for PDF and Office documents in addition to simple metadata extraction (EXIF/ID3) for image and music files. We also need help with documentation and cleaning up (if you are a software afficiando). Ultimately, JendX should be sitting on top of your taskbar with an innocent looking text-box. The UI and results display should follow Googlish minimalism (without the textual ads because something else can be done here!). Please try to contribute in whatever way you can. And if possible, donate 🙂
Anyway, If you find JendX useful (or) cannot make it work (or) have done something similar (or) have some ideas (or) want to help by coding thereby making this world a better place (or) to say hello (or) for asking us out to dinner having been impressed 😉 (or) for any non-spammy reason, drop in an email – sriks6711_at_yahoo_dot_com


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