India strikes Olympic Silver

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Finally, India has got a medal in Olympics this time – Shooter Rathore strikes silver
I hope there will be more. But frankly, I could not care less. Why should I be proud if this guy or any other guy from any other country wins anything at the Olympics (or any other sporting event for that matter and so on)? I mean, I do not know this guy and probably never will. Heck, I was even born at a place so far away from where this guy was born that in Europe, we would be in different countries and timezones. But why is it that people feel “proud” that their countrymen have won a medal or something? I suppose this is reminiscent of a discussion I was having with Rebecca the other day as to why we have feelings for “our” countrymen. She quoted some French guy on personal freedom and existentialism – who was it? Jean Paul Sartre I guess whose play “No Exit” we happened to watch in the STAG studio one night. Coming back, what is this feeling of patriotism that drives us? What we call countries are just imaginery lines on a globe and land-locked masses of earth shaped after years of battle and deaths and bickerings. If that is what countries are all about, then should I care of what my countrymen do and achieve? But I guess “nations” are different…
I also wrote this on Rediff postings. I hope some of my “countrymen” will read it and tell me if I am wrong in thinking this way –
First of all, “CONGRATULATIONS” are in order. But I think that one should not take a “dismal” showing in Olympics by Hindustan or Bharat (take notice of how I am mentioning India) as something to be unhappy about. I have seen people writing essays and hitting desks out of frustration. True that we are a country of 100-crores but do not forget that a majority of us are poor and many of us just cannot take the risk of taking the plunge into sports. Too much academic pressure. And nor can a government invest a lot in sports when there are items of a more basic nature like clean drinking water that are waiting to be solved.
Nevertheless, we should admire all our sportsmen and sportswomen equally for they must have made great sacrifices in qualifying for Olympics or even at the National/State/District level. What I guess I am saying is that we should be proud of everyone and not bother about not winning medals in the Olympics. What is the big deal about all this anyway? Just a few seconds or centimeters or grams coming to the fore 😉 Yeah, it is a cruel world and you should only ask a silver medallist to confirm this. I cannot really understand how they can live the rest of their life especially so when in a photo-finish, it is the size of their nose or a pimple on it that could make all the difference! Pagavariki kooda voddayya ilanti jeevitham.
Anyway, I think that equal treatment of sports is important to harbour any level of interest in all sports in India (and ultimately create Olympians) because otherwise we will dangerously become a one-sport country of that yawning game called Cricket and become overtly fanatical about it which we already are to an extent (you should only go to offices on the day of a test match to see what I am talking about. transistors, desktop scorecards everywhere as if their life depended on it). So guys, enjoy Olympics and see what human endurance and stamina can achieve. It is the spirit that matters and as my supervisor says, it is interesting and mesmerizing to watch people at the top of their game. I still say that Olympics are cruel and that one should not be too bothered about what happens. But it would be nice to have some of your countrymen win medals I suppose. It just has that undescribable charm about it. So, at the end of all this, am I happy? OK, I admit. I probably am but only because I am not unhappy with anything for the moment…


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