Yet Another Google Post (YAGP)

4 August, 2004 at 00:29 Leave a comment

As the leader of the cyber-cafe during the ISMB/ECCB’04 Conference in Glasgow and the technical person designated to troubleshoot delegates get onto the web, I hafta share a profound insight. I necessarily think that the market share statistics of search engines are highly skewed. Really, apart from Google, I have to ask who’s using other search engines? I would really like to hear from anyone who says it from their heart that they use Yahoo, MSN or some other search engine other than Google as _the_ primary portal to the web and to _the_ world of search. Believe me from what I saw by interacting with a couple of thousand people in the ISMB conference.
People come to me when they cannot set up the open access, unencrypted wi-fi which was setup by Apple on their machines. Even the so called Linux geeks (mostly from Germany) have a problem with this although 99% users are Windows users followed by some Mac enthusiasts. Linux is nowhere on the horizon as far as laptops go 😦 After tweaking around the settings a bit which normally involves allowing Windows to manage the wireless connections and disabling the wi-fi card native utilities and other paranoid firewall software, people do get onto the web. It is amazing how out-of-the-box these things work but sometimes, when things go wrong, how equally hard it is to figure out what the problem is. The first and foremost site almost all people visit to check their web-connection is Google. Most people even set it as their home page. This shows the trust that people have in that site and we are talking about academics, students and industry guys whose voice has a great value. If others see them using Google (or do any other thing for that matter), it says a lot because people essentially try to mimic them. Personally, I think search has a long way to go and that Google’s IPO is hyped and over-valued but Google is the thing maaan… Everyone uses Google. Everyone trusts Google. Take my word for it. While we are at the point of sharing insights, yet another thing I observed is how many people are Blogging their experiences through Livejournal, Blogger, Typepad and their own hosting somewhere. I have seen quite a few people using WordPress which is unmistakable with its grey default template. That is a good thing and I will do some searches on Blog search engines later for these posts.


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