Ladies-Rooms and Secret Identities

31 July, 2004 at 13:39 Leave a comment

It has been yet another dinner with a girl (no names to protect identity) in as many months. It was quite nice. Lemme share an observation I’ve made. Almost involuntarily, girls get up and say (in the middle of an exciting conversation or at the fag end of dinner or at the intermission of a cinema) – “Excuse me, I’ll be just back from the ladies-room”

I do not know why they do it. Why do they have to say _explicitly_ that they have to go to the toilet? (a toilet by any other name yeah yeah). Yes of course they would want to go there (girls are different physiologically) but why say this aloud? I mean, is it to break the rhythm like tennis players do by faking an injury in the middle of a game when their opponent is running away with the game? (or) maybe girls are a bit dumber and need to recoup (Darwinian theory)? (or) is it to check out and make sure that they are looking as pretty as they’ve got made-up while coming out? (or) maybe they just want to take some time to decide if they want to go all the way after dinner. Or, (I like this), all girls have secret identities. They are all superheroines of some sort (they are from a different planet as a popular book title goes) and the ladies-room in every restaurant is their secret global headquarters.
They see a signal from somewhere, make a quick dash to the room, change into their special costume, save the world from a nuclear/biological holocaust, fight the evil forces of the universe, protect the meek and then come back all smiling and sweet and glowing (I kinda like it when they come back). No matter how far-fetched this may seem, I tend to think this is the case and build a small fantasy for myself to the point of dabbling in a script which could become a bollywood blockbuster.

Anyway, this probably explains why girls are so different from guys. They have all sorts of secret codes and signals. And this also perhaps explains why girls are so adamant to have conversations over coffees and dinners. Duh… they are too busy the rest of the time! Joking apart, I do not know if I should term myself lucky or what to get to know so many beautiful girls in the past one year in Glasgow. I had good conversations, parties, cheesy-pops, dinners and of course all these are usually followed by coffee visits which is as far as I can go I suppose. I have been kissed romantically (at first and out of the blue) but then I had to clarify that I am not looking at things that way. I do not know why I am taken for granted if I agree to go out for dinner? Inspite of that, I have managed to be friends with the girls I’ve been out with. Why can’t a guy go out with a girl as a friend and remain as friends later on? Why does it always have to be about sex? What is the big deal about it and I frankly think romance is over-rated and commercialised. All I want to do and see myself doing is having a jolly good time and have a nice little chat and get to know somebody else and what their life is like and what their opinions are about this world. I cannot understand people (and dead ones at that like Mozart or Whistler) through their music or paintings or am ready to pay exorbiitant sums to buy them (a painting or go to a concert, say) so that I can get to know them better. I like conversations – we humans have the gift of language – and if the girls want to have a conversation over dinner or coffee or whatever and it does not cost me (financially and morally), I have no qualms. Right, now that things are clarified, lemme get to work…


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