Pathos on Seinfeld

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My experimentation on streaming media has led me to the NSV streams of WinAmp. This technology allows you to watch internet TV. It is pretty amazing. Now, why would people use
their broadband connections to broadcast TV for the benefit of others? It is truly remarkable although I have to say that this medium is also being used as a channel for making money and airing views (like personal radio stations) among other things. Somehow, we always tend to force our opinions and likings onto others. What makes us do it? Is it a primal instinct I wonder.

Anyway, coming back to Seinfeld.
While I think that some of the episodes and some portions of the episodes are cult classics – they are nice – but most of it is highly over-rated and mundane. There is nothing that one can get out of this show and this fact is flaunted in it being nicknamed, albeit proudly, as “a show about nothing” which is as far away from the truth as the next parallel universe. This show is about a lot of things. It is about stupidity and showcases our inherent dislike towards other people and situations we find ourselves in our day to day existence. It is about escapism and almost a visualization of our suppressed desires. Everyone wants to be Seinfeld who can get the most amazing of women and dump them at the silliest reasons. Everyone is happy whenever George gets caught in his obnoxious adventures. It is almost like George epitomises the “idiot” that everyone wants to know so that they can look down at such a person and feel good about themselves. Everyone wants to be Kramer because he symbolizes laziness, has the uncanny knack of getting through any situation and is the life to live. No work, all play. And Elaine is to women what Seinfeld+George+Kramer together is to men. I guess it is because the characters represent our suppressed desires ([edit] or perhaps a sadistic emotional catharsis) that has made this show so successful commercially and to that the writers have to be given due credit. They have managed to fool all the people all the time
the show was on. To imagine that this sitcom is the most “successful” ever (as per its the statistics and reputation) is a great dis-service to the intelligence of humanity. I would like to take an example on the lines of Seinfeld’s observational comedy monologues –“What is about this Seinfeld thing? No, seriously, if Aliens were to come Earth and find out that Seinfeld was a successful sitcom, they would not regard humanity as an intelligent and caring civilization at all!”

In my opinion, some parts of Seinfeld are outright outrageous especially in the way their characters behave towards each other (all the while saying that they are good friends but belittling them at every possible opportunity in front of others and behind their backs) and towards their
other friends (they hardly care about them and almost always tear them apart into smitherins for the sake of dialogue and coffee conversations) and towards their family (they detest them and show them in the worst possible light as that of shouting senseless old fools). I am sorry, I do not like Seinfeld and I say that anyone who says that they are “fans” of this crass act and tend to give it a “classic” rating are those without a true conscience and a heart and are misfits in society. I am not asking for anyone to stop watching it or something like that but just that this show should be watched for what it is and what it teaches us (what/how NOT to be). It is OK look for genius in acclaimed “intelligent” scripts but I am sure at some point and at some level, everyone is aware that it is but “guilty pleasure”.

It is like people watching porn. Everyone knows that it is a perverse thing to do but apparently everyone seems to do it. Now, do not get me started on that unless you want to get sick of how I feel on this porn issue 😉


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