Sriksisms – My Own Quotes

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By popular demand, some of my own lines of wisdom –

– If ever I become obese it will be because of a noble cause of eating too much to cover my sorrow as I am very sad that there is so much poverty, disease, famine and hunger in this world.

– Pain and Offense are the best way to bring about reflexes

– You know, there are some people you know for most of your life but they really do not add any value to your life. They just exist. And then there are some who you know just for a little while but who influence your very view of life. They stamp themselves. The funny thing is that these qualities are not inherent in people! It is you who decide who among the people you know become the former or the latter. For all that matters, people can exert as much influence on your life as you want. Indeed, the very same people who just exist in your life can change other people’s lives…

– Exams are for the powers that be to know exactly what students do not know

– There are 2 kinds of people in the world. One, who complain. Two, who solve problems. Tricky thing is that both of these kinds of people complain that the other is a problem and/or is an unsolvable problem. The recursion is intentional

– People by themselves have no identity other than a longish strand of DNA. It is only the way you percieve them that gives them an identity and a personality

– I always have my two pennies worth on any issue. And I have other pennies if these are not enough

– The key to success is to avoid things that have a probability, however small, of failure. But that would make life very boring

– It is opinions (not genes) that make people unique and wonderful. If everyone had the same opinion as yours, the world would be a very dull place

– Ideologies are a prison for the mind

– The concept of a peaceful war is a myth

– Anger kills reason. That is a good thing; >since then, instinct takes over and that is when we are truly truthful to ourselves and others in words and deeds

– Arguments are a good way to achieve progress. Lucky accidents and dreams are another ways

– Thoughts are like wine. The more they stay in the brain, the better they get

– Late to work, Late to leave makes a person live the life they want to live

– Wouldn’t it be nice to be a squirrel? You see them all busy with their work unconcerned with what else is going on. Whether buildings come up or broken down,
whether horses or horse-power that drives our automobiles; it just doesn’t affect them. We think their lives are insignificant and only worth on a larger scale
of ecology. I wonder if they think that way if they can. I mean, if they know their role in nature. Their purpose. Do WE know our purpose? They just go about
doing their jobs like their ancestors have been doing it for centuries. But the truth is that their very existence has changed nature in some way that we cannot
comprehend or we are too egotisical to observe and even if we could, understand it. O me, O life, why can’t I just be a squirrel?

— more will be added


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